Nocé and Bendola Irrigation Channels

Canaux d’irrigation de Nocé et de la Bendola

Several gravity irrigation canals are located in the townof Saorge. A source or a stream feeds the catchments.
Some canals travel several kilometers between catchment and farmed areas.
There are spectacular sections of masonry vaults along the peaks, as well as roadside aqueduct bridges at Nocé and Bain du Sémite localities (Roya – Bendola confluence).

Santa Maria in Albis Church’s organ

Orgue Concone de l’église Santa-Maria in Albis

The church appears on a square lined with buildings of the seventeenth – eighteenth centuries.
The organ is at the back of the nave, on a large platform overlooking the main entrance.

Saint-Marc de Piène-Haute Church, former parish church

Eglise Saint-Marc de Piène-Haute

The main facade of the Saint-Marc church overlooks a small square at the end of Piène-Haute. Its apse and presbytery are based on a steep cliff, 200 m above the Roya river. A narrow rocky passage leads to the old castle to the north.

Hamlet of Granile and Sainte-Anne Church

Hameau de Granile et église Sainte-Anne

The hamlet of Granile is on the south-facing slope of a ravine flowing towards the Paganin Gorges, in Roya valley. The hamlet is surrounded by gardens on terraces in a natural environment dominated by rocky ridges.

Saint-Michel Chapel

Chapelle Saint-Michel

Saint-Michel chapel is located in the center of the village of La Brigue, on the Nice Square (Place de Nice).