Nocé and Bendola Irrigation Channels

Several gravity irrigation canals are located in the townof Saorge. A source or a stream feeds the catchments.
Some canals travel several kilometers between catchment and farmed areas.
There are spectacular sections of masonry vaults along the peaks, as well as roadside aqueduct bridges at Nocé and Bain du Sémite localities (Roya – Bendola confluence).

Accessibility No

Visitable Yes

The old waterworks, adapted to the topographic complexity of the districts of the town, constitute a remarkable heritage set.

Kilometers of terraced walls have helped control erosion, and many irrigation canals have channeled water from springs and gullies to sites that were a priori too arid for cultivation. These gravity channels have a profile whose current section is close to 30-40 cm.

Today, on the still active channels, water rarely flows in the open air but in pipes, which reduces the work of maintenance. But it is leading to the deterioration of the works, which are no longer correctly checked and repaired.

Near RD 6204 road, the remains of two abandoned canals present exceptional “balancing” masonry works: Nocé canal (north of the eponym gorges) and Bendola canal (near the confluence with the Roya river).

Conditions of visit

Nocé Canal: Roadside RD 6204, north of Nocé’s Gorges.
Bendola Canal: Roadside from RD 138 road.
Nocé Canal: Visible from the parking area on the right bank.
Bendola Canal: Visible from the parking area from RD 138 road.
Reserved visits (danger on works visible from a distance)


Additional information


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