Gorges of Saorge Road

Route des gorges de Saorge

The road and the gorges’ work are at the bottom of the valley near Roya river, and Ambo road on a steep slope. The commemorative plaques are visible from the road.

Nocé and Bendola Irrigation Channels

Canaux d’irrigation de Nocé et de la Bendola

Several gravity irrigation canals are located in the townof Saorge. A source or a stream feeds the catchments.
Some canals travel several kilometers between catchment and farmed areas.
There are spectacular sections of masonry vaults along the peaks, as well as roadside aqueduct bridges at Nocé and Bain du Sémite localities (Roya – Bendola confluence).

A Stacada d’Breï

A Stacada d’Breï

A Stacada costume celebration has been held in Breil since at least the end of the 19th century. It was then a popular event organized each year on the last day of the carnival week. At that time, a group of informal organizers asked the mayor the right to organize it every year. The Stacada

Fortification system of Tende’s col at the end (19th century)

Système de fortification du col de Tende à la fin du XIXe siècle

Each of the six forts is located on a dominant and open site, surrounded by alpine pastures, snow-covered in winter. Their position is more or less offset from the crest towards the south slope, with the exception of the large barracks of Fort Central, which is slightly shifted towards the north slope.

Organ of the Collegiate Church Saint-Martin

Orgue de la collégiale Saint-Martin

Saint-Martin collegiate church is located at the western entrance of the village, opposite Saint Martin’s Square. The organ is at the back of the nave, on a large platform overlooking the main entrance.

Former lime kiln of Cianese et quarry remains

Ancien four à chaux de Cianese et vestiges de carrière

The lime kiln is surrounded by nature, on the banks of a river, on a narrow platform at the foot of a steep slope on the left bank of Levenza river, downstream from the confluence with Mont Noir valley.
The old quarry is on the opposite bank, at the foot of the slope.

Saint-Sauveur Church Organ

Orgue Lingiardi de l’église Saint-Sauveur

The church is located on the main square of the medieval village, on a terrace built in a very steep site. The organ is at the back of the nave, on a large platform overlooking the main entrance.