Industrial archaeology

Urban and rural context.

Typology Building

Period Nineteenth

Accessibility No

Visitable Yes

Fornace Borgogno, corso Mazzini n. 119

Purchased by Francesco Borgogno in 1895, who raised the chimney of about 2 meters in 1929, the kiln produced bricks and lime until the 1930s. The current sawmill, born as a side industry for the production of slats, has now specialized in the trading of wood for industrial use.

Fornace Musso, via Valdieri n. 66

Coming from Mondovì, Cavalier Alessandro Musso already owned a kiln for the production of majolica, he established a kiln in Borgo San Dalmazzo, one of the first to produce lime and among the first with an Offman kiln. With the production of bricks, it was necessary to build a very tall terracotta chimney. The maximum production was reached at the beginning of the 20th century (production of lime, bricks, gravel and offcuts)

Fabbrica di Birra Parola, via Garibaldi n. 61

In 1874 one of the first industries for the production of beer and carbonated water was born. In 1876 it had already achieved such a reputation that Garibaldi considered it a medicine against fever. In 1951, with the beginning of the exploitation of the Camorei spring, a 1650-meter-long vitrified steel tube was placed to connect it to the factory in Via Garibaldi.

Former Bertello factory, via Boves corner of via Vittorio Veneto

In 1912 Mr. Enrico Bertello from Chieri bought the small existing printing house transforming it into Tipografia Perrier di Bertello and transferring it, within two years, to the current position of the Bertello graphic institute and placing it in the forefront in the field of typography in Italy. The factory ceased to function at the end of the 20th century, to then take on new and multiple uses with a redevelopment project at the beginning of the 19th century.

Conditions of visit

This heritage is distributed both in the town centre and in the area surrounding the town.
Closed to the public, open for events.


Additional information


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