Outside votive frescoes

Urban and rural context.

Typology Artwork

Period Nineteenth

Accessibility Yes

Visitable Yes

The concentric of Borgo San Dalmazzo and the numerous Tetti (little hamlets) that surround the town preserve religious frescos on the facades that can be viewed freely along the streets of the inhabited centre or in some cases by going into nineteenth-century courtyards.

In most cases these are works of folk art created between the second half of the nineteenth century and the first twenty years of the twentieth century, when the old town center of Borgo San Dalmazzo reached the current conformation in its guidelines. Artistically speaking, these are not works of great quality, their importance is above all linked to the devotion and religious customs of the time.

They are not works of artistic value, but some of them exhibit elements of historical interest such as the landscape of the village depicted in Tetto Vigna (n. 3). the most interesting works are surely the more ancient ones, that is, realized at the end of the XVIII century (2, 22, 23); even in these cases they are however works of folk art.

  • Tetto Giangrand, Virgin with child (1899)
  • Tetto Vigna n. 28, Virgin of the rosary with child (1786)
  • Tetto Vigna n. 28, Crucifixion with urban landscape (ND)
  • Tetto Dreun, Virgin among saints (ND)
  • Via Grandis n. 45, Virgin enthroned among angels (1895)
  • Via Grandis n. 51, Virgin in glory with saints (ND)
  • Via Grandis n. 87, Annunciation depicted on the sides of the entrance gate (ND)
  • Via Grandis n. 93, Virgin with child enthroned among saints (ND)
  • Via Grandis, corner of Vicolo del Troglio, Pietà with St John the Baptist (1992)
  • Via Marconi n. 99, Madonna in glory with saints (ND)
  • Via Bealera Nova, Virgin with child (ND)
  • Vicolo Lerotto, corner of via Bergia, Santuario di Monserrato (ND)
  • Piazza Martiri, Immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary (ND)
  • Via Vittorio Veneto, Virgin with child (ND)
  • Cascina San Pietro, Illegible (ND)
  • Via Perosa n. 2, Pastoral scene (1959, G. B. Barale)
  • Tetto Turutun Soprano, San Dalmazzo (1895, Pocchiola Giuseppe)
  • Tetto Sussa, Virgin enthroned (ND)
  • Tetto Sussa, Madonna delle Finestre with saints (1895, Pocchiola Giuseppe)
  • Tetto Macin Sottano, Saint Peter receiving the keys (1916, Dalmasso pinse)
  • Tetto Sales, Virgin with child (1949)
  • Tetto Graglia, Pietà among saints (1779)
  • Tetto Panada, Virgin with child and Saint Francis (1797).

Conditions of visit

In most cases, the frescoes are freely observable from the outside of the buildings.


Additional information


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