Torre Civica

The Civic Tower rises inside the ancient urban suburban fabric.

Typology Building

Period Nineteenth

Accessibility No

Visitable Yes

Once the war against the Calvinists ended in 1573, Emanuele Filiberto I signed a license with which he authorized the Municipality of Borgo San Dalmazzo to build a tower with a clock and bells which, in all probability, replaced a more ancient tower. The tower was built near the eastern gate which led to the ancient Via Nizza which crossed the town and continued towards the sea through the Gesso and Vermenagna valleys. Originally the tower was part of the town hall, then demolished at the end of the nineteenth century to make room for Piazza Nuova, today Piazza IV Novembre. The clock is an example of a clock with weights in which the mechanisms are operated by stones secured to as many ropes. It is the only piece with weights currently operating in all of Piedmont; the two bells date back to 1901 and are the result of the fusion of the three existing ones. The portico located next to the tower dates back to the late nineteenth century and housed the town hall for a short period.

The building has undergone various changes over the centuries but retains the original solid quadrangular structure. The most valuable element of the tower is the monumental clock with weights that dates back to 1837. The functioning of the clock included a system of weights that were put into operation by two stones secured to as many ropes (one for the clock and one for the bell) wrapped on wooden drums that, by gravity, activated the clock mechanisms. It is the only weighted watch still active in Piedmont and up until the 1990s recharging operations were carried out manually, while today an electronic motor rewinds the ropes. The two bells date back to 1901 and are the result of the fusion of the three existing ones.

Conditions of visit

From the central carriageway of via Roma, it is possible to arrive right up to the tower.
The Civic Tower opens onto via Roma at street number 45, a short walk from the Town Hall and the parking area on Piazza IV Novembre.
Closed, open upon reservation and during the main town events.


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