Saint-Jean Baptiste de Libre Chapel

The chapel and some houses are built above the church square, which they overlook.

Typology Building

Period Eighteenth

Accessibility No

Visitable No

Built in 1751 by a Libre‘s family, Saint-Jean Baptiste Chapel was the only place of worship of the hamlet until the construction of the church in 1905.

In 1822, it became a secondary church part of Piène’s parish.
This small rural chapel with a single nave has the same characteristics as many other ” neighborhood chapels” of the eighteenth century, in the region.

The gable facade is symmetrical. The centered door is framed by two windows at man’s height, with grilles to allow the devotions facing the altar from outside. An oculus medallion presenting the image of the saint surmounts it. A centered flat pinnacle overlooks the facade.

Conditions of visit

You can access Libre by RD 90 road, starting from RD 6204 road, south of Breil and Piène-Basse hamlet. The chapel is accessible by a path from the church square it overlooks. Parking on the square.
Limited access due to the nature of the end of the walking trail: steps on the path from the square.
Restricted visits (private property)


Additional information


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