Set of 17th and 18th century country chapels in Breil-sur-Roya

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Typology Building

Period Eighteenth, XVII

Accessibility No

Visitable No

These rural chapels of Breil are among the many rural chapels with baroque decorations built in the Roya Valley from the 17th century, in the Counter-Reformation context.

Initially collective or founded by a family, these chapels scattered over the vast agricultural territory of the town allowed the celebration of services for the inhabitants of the district.

The small country chapels of the seventeenth and eighteenth century in Breil, can sometimes pass for a “casoun” (farmhouse). Indeed, the simplicity of their facades systematically allowed the view of the altar from the outside when the chapel was closed by grid windows and framing the front door.

Their small nave is covered with vaults masonry, semicircular, or crossed with edges. Some have retained their altar with Baroque altarpiece.

Conditions of visit

1) Sainte-Anne chapel: Maglia road, then track
2) Saint-Jean Baptiste chapel: Maglia road, then track
3) Saint-Pierre d’Alcantara chapel: Maglia road, then track
4) Saint-François chapel: RD 2204 road
5) Saint-Augustin chapel, known as Sainte-Anne: RD 6204 road
6) Saint-Jérôme chapel: Piène-Haute road, then track

1) Sainte-Anne chapel et 2) Saint-Jean Baptiste chapel: limited access due to the final walking trail
3) Saint-Pierre d’Alcantara chapel: restricted access (private property)
4) Saint-François chapel et 5) Saint-Augustin chapel: roadside
6) Saint-Jérôme chapel: SUV access, nearby parking
Restricted visits (private properties)


Additional information


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    Cabri, Breil-sur-Roya, 2002.
  • Botton Charles, Histoire de Breil et des Breillois, Les Editions du Cabri, Breil-sur-Roya, 1996.

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