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The Lombard or Piedmontese organs, that can be found on the decorated gallery of the churches of the Roya and Vermenagna Valleys, were built or restored for these churches during the first half of the 19th century, before the partition of the Savoy states in 1860. Those of Fontan, Breil and Roccavione, built in the eighteenth century are more or less modernized reuses of the nineteenth century style, to play the music of the time, composed to enhance their orchestral skills and their accessories. This artistic heritage constitutes a great treasure. They have been restored under the impulse of organists convinced of their great musical and historical interest.

The organs of the parishes of the ancient royal road of Savoy are the protagonists of the international festival of organs, organized every summer to enhance their specific musicality. The parish churches where they are located are open every day.

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