Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Donato

Square, Parish Church and Municipal building are the core of the town of Robilante, where due to redevelopment works, there are interesting glimpses of the town.

Typology Building

Period XVII

Accessibility Yes

Visitable Yes

Of medieval origin, the Chiesa di San Donato today appears in the forms that were put in place between 1684 and 1691 and represents the third evolution of the original building dating back to medieval times and located near the ancient medieval fortification, as the apse beside the bell tower leads one to think, which is datable just after the year one thousand. The walls of the fortification ran parallel to the current parish church and the tower of the ancient fortification was transformed into a Romanesque bell tower with two-and-three-mullioned windows made of tuff.

Organized in three naves with a sober and austere style, the building opens onto the parvis with a 17th century carved wooden portal and a majestic Baroque façade decorated with scrolls, later covered in marble in 1964. Looking at the church externally, on the right you can note the beautiful Romanesque bell tower. Inside the decorations present some valuable elements such as the Baroque altar that dominates the presbytery, the beautiful eighteenth-century statue of San Donato and, above all, the wooden crucifix dated 1490 preserved in the chapel of the same name.

Conditions of visit

By car, following the SP 259 provincial road between Roccavione and Robilante until reaching Piazza Olivero.
The building stands on Piazza Olivero, the historical core of Robilante onto which the Municipal building faces, separated by the church in Via Vittorio Veneto. The parvis has been recently restructured with a welcoming area that enhances the centre of the settlement.
The building is open daily from 5:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am.


Additional information


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