Pond du Coq (Rooster’s Bridge)

The Pont du Coq (pedestrian) crosses Levenza river, at the start of RD 43 road, in a landscape of fields and orchards.

Period Eighteenth

Accessibility Yes

Visitable Yes

The medieval bridge anterior to the current Pont du Coq was destroyed during a flood of Levenza river in the early eighteenth century.

The bridge was rebuilt in 1710 by masons from Lugano.

A large semicircular arch crosses Levenza river. Its large diameter (14.20 m), imposed by the width of the riverbed during a flood, creates a significant bridge height compared to the banks.

On the right bank, a ramp on arcades connects the road (current RD 43 road) and the bridge, crossing the flood plains. This ramp forms a 110 ° angle with the bridge.

The left bank, where the terrain rises faster, is simply connected by an extension of the roadway beyond the abutment.

The roadway (approximately 2.60 m wide) has an enlargement in the junction angle between the bridge and the north ramp to facilitate the rotation of the harnessed carts.

The work is made of rubble-grouted masonry. The pavement is covered with a cobble-covered street, according to the regional tradition. It is framed by masonry a posteriori built parapets.

The original and elegant design of the bridge, the qualities of its implementation, as well as its insertion in the landscape, confer a high artistic value to this rural work of art.

Conditions of visit

From RD 6204 road in Saint-Dalmas de Tende, take D 43 road, past the village of La Brigue.

Authorized and easy access, nearby parking.

Permanently open to pedestrian public. Pebbles covered gently sloping ramp.




Additional information


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