Vernante on foot

Cross-border area No

Means of transport à pied

The date of the Municipality’s establishment  is reported in the year 1290. The structures present in the historical centre, not of exceptional artistic and architectural importance, have acquired greater resonance thanks to the more than one hundred and fifty “murals” that were created from the 1990s, which can be admired by simply walking along the streets of the village.

The murals of Pinocchio developed from a unique initiative that began in 1989: two artisans, Bruno Carletto and Bartolomeo Cavallera, who with their brushes and colours, brought the illustrations by Attilio Mussino of Pinocchio “back to life” on the walls. This initiative has transformed Vernante into the village of the “uncle of Pinocchio”.

The itinerary allows you to discover the main historical sites of the village: the religious buildings, the ancient medieoval bastion and the remarkable industrial architecture of the immense glass factory, that today unfortunately is abandoned.