Bec Berciassa protohistoric site

The archaeological area of Bec Berciassa stands on a hillock located at the confluence of the Gesso and Vermenagna streams. The area is within walking distance along an easy dirt road.

Typology Building

Period Before 1380

Accessibility Yes

Visitable Yes

The area called Bec Berciassa is located at the confluence of the Gesso and Vermenagna streams, on a hill at 692 metres a.s.l., marked by a small shrine and in a dominant position over the surrounding valleys, along transalpine routes that have been used since recent prehistory.
The first studies of the site date back to the early fifties of the last century, when the famous scholar F. Rittatore Vonwiller carried out two small essays that allowed him to hypothesize a frequentation of the site starting from the Final Bronze Age (XI-VIII BC), with a continuous occupation during the Iron Age, up to the Romanization of the territory, which took place around the II century. BC.

Recent investigations have confirmed that the area near the Bec, from the Bronze Age to the Romanization, hosted a settlement inhabited by the ancient Celtic-Ligurian people where huts, probably made of wood and covered with straw, were located on stone terraces, created in the sunny slope that descends towards Robilante;, while the place towards Roccavione was “protected” both by the cold winds of the North, and by the danger of raids by men and feral animals from a steep slope.

Conditions of visit

From the center of Roccavione head towards Boves, once past the stream of Vermenagna keep right on the old Boves-Roccavione road near the Cima Dormiosa quarry and follow the signs for Tetto Sales (650 m.). Once you reach Tetto Sales, take the dirt path that goes up the ridge and follow the signs for Giro dei Piloni and Bec Berciassa (962 m.).
To reach the area you need to take a dirt path of medium difficulty.
The archaeological area cannot be visited because it is still being studied.


Additional information


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