Limone Piemonte by car

Cross-border area No

Means of transport en voiture

Three itineraries to discover the distant heritage of the village of Limone are proposed. In winter, it is necessary to check that the secondary roads have been cleaned after snowfall.

The first part propose a summer path that reaches the geographical pass of Colle di Tenda, covered in snow in winter, and the nineteenth-century fortresses on the ridge line.

The final part of the route is not paved. The second part includes the hamlet of Limonetto, where the Church of San Chiaffredo is located. A detour before starting the climb towards the hamlet allows you to visit the rural chapel of Sant’Anna. The last, leaving the town from the north, proposes to discover the three chapels of San Maurizio, San Bernardo di Chiaravalle and Madonna di Loreto.

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