Tende green schist quarry remains

The old quarry has cut a pelite (rocks) vein, presenting itself in the form of a rocky ridge in a meander of Roya river bypassing it. It is surrounded by a small area and small industrial hamlet along the road.

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“Tende’s green schist” played an important role in the history of the Roya’s architecture. This pelite presents shades ranging from celadon green to darker gray-green, even gray, and interspersed with scattered ochreous venules. Its natural patina is satin.

The compact veins, described as Green Marble or Green of the Levant or Vert de la Roya, have been carved and carved as columns, capitals, frames of bays, fountains, monuments, various decorations, pavements and steps.

The more schistose veins, easily disintegrating, provided roofing slate roofing.

The churches, the official buildings, the monuments and the bourgeois houses of the five communes of the French Roya, and beyond Turin, present the evolution of the decorations realized in this rock, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Tende’s green schist is notably visible on the Collegiate ND Assumption in Tende:

Decorations on the facade: pilasters (large to medium cut blocks); cornices under roof and friezes; framing and carved decorations of bays and portals; stair steps going up to the nave.

Roof covering: large rustic slates.

Interior decorations: floor tiles and steps; columns (bases, drums and capitals); arcatures and cornices; St John’s clam (dated 1604)

The quarry’s operation ceased during the twentieth century.

Conditions of visit

The site green schist quarry site is located on the left bank of Roya river, facing RD 6204 road. A bridge joins the road to the site.

The old quarry is visible from RD 6204 road on the right bank of Roya river

Restricted visits (private property)


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