PLM railway works of Breil-sur-Roya (PLM: former national railway company – Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée)

1) Breil station required an important landscaping in the natural slope of the site for the creation of a vast plateau that could accommodate this international station. It includes marshalling yards, food services, maintenance and turnaround of steam locomotives, freight, workshops, customs, border police and staff quarters. The train station itself is the largest building in the area.
2) Viaducts of Eboulis and Bancao follow the abrupt and irregular slope of the right bank of the Roya river between two tunnels. The shape of their arcades supporting the lines of slightly curved paths, detaches them in the landscape of rocky scrubland.

Period XX

Accessibility No

Visitable Yes

The Breil railway facilities – commissioned in 1928 – were calibrated for the important cross-border passenger and freight traffic happening then.

All the buildings built for the Paris – Lyon – Méditerranée (PLM) company during the 1920s are characterized by a standardization that gives it an architectural identity that can be read in the landscape.

On the one hand, we can see the buildings “à la niçoise” that combine simplicity of volumes and declination of standardized elements: dimensions of doors and windows, tiled roofs, large windows of cantilever frame docks. Reinforced concrete, semicircular arches of large bays, as well as guardrail terraces in terracotta trellises and pergolas are available in a variety of ways in railway stations, and more formally on the houses of guards or traveler shelters. The red ocher paintings of the façades and the green moss of the joinery complete the identification of the constructions.

The hangars adopt the modernist form of large semicircular vaults of reinforced concrete; with side canopies cantilever reinforced concrete and large ventilation skylights at the top.

The topography of the Roya Valley has imposed the implementation of spectacular structures, which gives a monumental character to this single-track line, and complicates its maintenance. The viaducts crossing watercourses and steep slopes also have a signature recognizable by their retaining arches and their clear limestone facings.

Conditions of visit

Surroundings permanently open to the public. Dangerous routes surroundings due to train traffic.
Journey by train from the line accessible to all and paying. See timetables on the operators’ websites (SNCF and Trenitalia)


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