Old town centre Limone

The old town centre of Limone Piemonte develops along the orographic right of the valley in a basin at the confluence of the Vermenagna and San Giovanni streams; the SP20 flanks the centre, developing on the orographic left of the valley.

Typology Building

Period Before 1380

Accessibility Yes

Visitable Yes

The historical vicissitudes of Limone generally follow those of southern Piedmont. In the Roman era, it was part of the regio Liguria et Aemilia (until the 4th century) and of the region of the Alpes Cottiae (until the 6th century), then following the invasions of the Burgundians and the Goths it passed first under Byzantine control and then to the Longobard and Frank kingdoms. In the 10th century it was part of the Bredulo committee and then submitted to the bishops of Asti; between the 13th and 17th centuries it was part of the Tenda county under the Lascaris; at the end of the century it passed like all southern Piedmont under the Angevin domination; from this to the counts of Savoy and through the troubles of the modern era to the Italian Republic

The centre is characterized by the coexistence between the characteristics of the small mountain village and those of the modern tourist centre, the result of the strong tourist expansion that involved the inhabited area between the second post-war period and the Eighties. Alongside the imposing condominiums built in this second phase of its history, Limone Piemonte preserves an almost intact old town centre made up of narrow streets that branch off from the main street and which preserve the characteristic stone houses, embellished with wooden balconies.

The central element of the settlement is the Piazza del Municipio, where the Town Hall, the beautiful Gothic-style parish church of San Pietro in Vincoli and the stone fountain dating back to the 16th century are located. A short walk away and worth a visit are the Chiesa del Convento dei Cappuccini (XVIII century), Chiesa di Sant’Antonio da Padova (1657) and Cappella di San Giovanni Battista (1614).

Chapel di San Sebastiano

Historical fountain

City Hall

Genoa Gate

Conditions of visit

The old town centre of Limone Piemonte can be reached by the SP20 provincial road.
Most of the old town centre is a pedestrian area; itis possible to park in one of the large car parks available upstream and downstream of the town.
Free access.


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