Minor churches in the municipal territory

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio da Padova, corso Nizza 1
Chiesa dei Cappuccini, Via Ex Convento, 1
Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Chiaffredo (Limonetto), Piazza Biancheri, 4

Typology Building

Period XVII

Accessibility No

Visitable Yes

The minor churches of Limone Piemonte prove the development the centre has had over the centuries. They are sacred buildings built between the first half of the seventeenth century and the middle of the nineteenth century which have undergone restoration and reconstruction. They are buildings with limited architectural value. Regarding nineteenth-century reconstructions, they follow popular building schemes that are extremely widespread in the Alpine context: there where the original structures are still available, they refer to schemes imposed by the Counter-Reformation and by the widespread Baroque language in the context of the valleys of Southern Piedmont between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

As regards the endowment, the most important elements are kept in the Cappella di Sant’Antonio. On all are mentioned: the altarpiece of the high altar depicting St. Anthony of Padua in conversation with the Virgin and Child, which was realised in 1659 by Lorenzo Gastaldi.

Church of Sant’Antonio da Padova

Capuchin Church and Convent

Conditions of visit

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio da Padova, open during functions.
Chiesa dei Cappuccini, closed to the public.
Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Chiaffredo (Limonetto), open during liturgical celebrations.


Additional information


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