Chapel of the White Penitents, dedicated to St. Elizabeth, in Piène-Haute

The building of the chapel is inserted in a continuous urban fabric, among the houses that line the alley, at the hamlet square’s entrance.

Typology Building

Period Nineteenth

Accessibility No

Visitable Yes

The Chapel of the Visitation is dedicated to St. Elisabeth. It is located on the hamlet square. It is the seat of Piène’s White Penitents brotherhood, which was reactivated in 2015. The construction is inserted in the urban landscape and adopts the small neighboring houses’ volume. The short nave has a very small stand and rustic side stalls. The painted decorations of the vault are neogothic from the late nineteenth century.

The origins of the chapel of the White Penitents are not identified. The direction of the Historic Monuments dates from the nineteenth century chapel, as its decor, but it is likely that the construction and its vocation pre-existed this late decor.

The design of the interior decoration, neogothic inspired from late nineteenth century is interesting. The stalls and attributes of the penitents are still in place.

Conditions of visit

The Saint-Elisabeth chapel is in the center of the pedestrian hamlet of Piène-Haute.
Piène-Haute can be reached either from Olivetta San Michele (in Italy, south of Breil), or by an dirt track from Col de Brouis, between Breil and Sospel.
Limited access due to the pedestrian route through a hilly lane.
Occasionally open to the public (events, parties). On request, contact the hamlet.


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