Remains of La Brigue Lascaris Castle

The remains of the castle Lascaris are on the outskirts of the village of La Brigue, on a hill. It is located between the village houses and gardens.

Typology Building

Period Before 1380

Accessibility No

Visitable No

The construction of the younger branch of the Lascaris’ castle, on its current site, was made in 1378.

The roughly square enclosure is flanked on the southwestern corner of a six-level round tower (one room per level). The design of this round tower was an archaism at this time, recalling similar earlier towers in the region.

The buildings inside the enclosure amounted to four levels, including the lord housing and a small chapel.

A dry ditch, visible on a 1656 map, surrounded the whole property.

In 1543, the small bastions would have been added to the three free angles of the enclosure, except the tower’s.

The castle of Lascaris resisted a seat of Genoa in 1625.

During the Revolution, the French troops led by General Rusca, assisted by Massena, dislodged the Savoyards-Sardis from La Brigue on April 28, 1794. The castle was then set on fire and abandoned. Gradually degrading, it was stolen from some of his building stones.

The tower survived and during the Second World War the Germans who occupied the town used it as an observation post.

In 1993, the municipality began the work of clearing the walls of the castle.

Since 1995, the Association “Patrimoine et Traditions Brigasques” ensures its maintenance.

Conditions of visit

From D 6204 road, at Saint-Dalmas de Tende, take RD 43 road to the village of La Brigue. Parking in the village, and access to the castle by pedestrian streets.

Authorized and easy access, parking in the village. Immediate surroundings slightly hilly.

Restricted access (potential danger inside the ruins).


Additional information


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