Museum of the Accordion

The museum is located a few metres from Piazza Regina Margherita, the centre of Robilante where there is the Parish Church and the Town Hall.

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Period XX

Accessibility Yes

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Inaugurated in 2005, the museum focuses on two significant people from Robilante: Notou Sounadour (Giuseppe Vallauri 1896-1984) musician, but above all a repairer, tuner and constructor of accordions and Jòrs de ‘Snive (Giorgio Bertaina 1902-1976), a sculptor.

The museum guides the visitor on a short journey through the history and characteristics of the accordion, with particular reference to the Vermenagna and Robilante Valleys, where music and dances are traditional elements that are deeply important. In fact, some instruments that belonged, were constructed and repaired by Notou including his work bench, are exhibited in the two rooms. The route also allows you to discover the history of this fascinating instrument, its importance for Robilante and its population.

Alongside these works are a series of copies of the works by Jors made by Renato Allinio. The works of Jors – twenty or so registered sticks and around one hundred sculptures – are an interesting outcome of the local artistic culture of folk origin. They are complete sculptures, made with different types of wood depending on the case, which have medieval traits in which rigidity and figurative expression are almost interpreted as Romanesque capitals. However, the stories told are those of local tradition: grazing cows, musicians, spouses, carabinieri, wild animals, but also stories about the news.

Parallel to these two exhibitions and always in the rooms of the Museum are several costumes of the Balarin de Barme folk group, inspired by the ancient festive clothes of local tradition. On exiting the museum, you can find the Lou viasol Jors de Snive, a path that leads through the roofs and woods to the house where Jors made most of his works.

Conditions of visit

By car near the SP 259 provincial road, at the centre of Robilante.
Excellent accessibility, the road can be used by cars and there are parking spaces nearby.
Free entrance. Seasonal hours. Open in July and August every Sunday morning from 10 am to 12 pm. It opens for patron saint festivals and special occasions. Available openings can be requested by calling the following numbers (Alba 0171 789116, Renzo 347 7875025, Silvio 348 2484890, Municipal building of Robilante 0171 78101).

NOTE 2020
Courtesy traslation
During the summer of 2020 some “visit rules” must be respected, all related to compliance with the measures for the prevention of management of the epidemiological emergency from covid-19.
The Museum will remain open only on Sunday 28 June, 5 and 19 July, 2 -16 and 30 August with the following hours 10-12 and 15-18.
It will be mandatory to wear the mask during the whole visit and before the entrance the hand hygiene or the use of gloves, in addition to the prohibition of gatherings of people.
The maximum number of visitors who will be able to access simultaneously on the basis of the size of the various museum rooms is a maximum of 8 people.
New this year: possibility to book the guided tour, in order to ensure entry and avoid waiting outside. Guided tour will last 30 minutes, with the visit starting every half hour.
Reservations can be made at the following addresses:
Accordion Museum:; +39 328 8655394
For more information: (thematic area “Living Robilante”).


Additional information


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