Castle of Cachiardi de Montfleury, known as “de Veune”

The castle and its adjoining buildings are located at the front of a hill overlooking the Roya Valley. The small ornamental garden located between the walls is surrounded by an olive grove protected as a heritage site.

Typology Building

Period Various

Accessibility No

Visitable No

The whole site, the olive grove on terraces, and the “castle” itself, constitute a strong piece of the Breillois landscape.

From the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century, the Cacciardi family, whose name was Frenchified in Cachiardi, was involved in the management of the town. In 1628, the noble Antoine Cacciardo was the town’s trustee. Around 1672, Charles Antoine Cacciardi is quoted as “very illustrious lord” of Breil.

Following the joining of Breil with France, a Cachiardi became the first mayor, then the second general councilor.

The “Cachiardi Castle” overlooks the valley to the north of the village. Following the successive enlargements, it has become a beautiful classical residence.

The facades of the castle and its outbuildings (stables, agricultural rooms…) are in their nineteenth century configuration.

Conditions of visit

The Castle of the Breil family Cachiardi de Montfleury, known as « Château de Veune » (Veune’s Castle), overlooks the Roya Valley, to the north of the village. This beautiful building is located along RD 2204 road.
Visible from a distance, especially from the train station / Restricted access (private property)
Restricted visits (private property)


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