Wayside shrines

Urban and rural context.

Typology Artwork

Period Various

Accessibility Yes

Visitable Yes

The old town center and the hamlets of Borgo San Dalmazzo preserve an important number of shrines bearing witness to the cult and traditions of the past. Many of them originate in vows made by the community or parts of it; although they are not works of particular artistic value, they tell episodes that have allowed the town’s identity to be built over the centuries.
The elements of historical interest refer above all to the reasons that led to the realization of these works over the last two centuries. The reasons are various: personal votive offerings, protection against illnesses, building of sacred buildings.

  1. Tetto Pilone, 600m from the Cappella di Sant’Antonio at the entrance of Tetto Pilone
  2. Aradolo Sant’Antonio, 50m from Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Aradolo
  3. Tetto Nuovo/Tetto Tesio
    The shrine is located on the dirt road that from the provincial road to Sant’Antonio Aradolo descends towards Tetto Moiola and Madonna Bruna.
  4. Tetto Valentin soprano
    The shrine is located along the path from Tetto Valentin soprano that goes up to Tetto Palazzotto and from here, to Monserrato.
  5. Del Castello
    Located in Parco Grandis near the ruins of the castle.
  6. Tetto Macin soprano
    Located at the crossroads for the road that leads to Tetto Macin Soprano.
  7. Via Perosa
    Located along via Perosa in the direction of the Camorei.
  8. San Bernardo
    Located along via Perosa.
  9. Via Madonna del campo
    Located at the intersection of via Madonna del Campo and via Cavour.
  10. Via Ambovo/Via San Nicolao
    Along via Ambovo in the ruinass area.
  11. Via Cuneo
    On the left along the road that goes from Borgo to Cuneo.
  12. Corso Barale
    On the right of Corso Barale going towards Cuneo.
  13. Via Vecchia di Cuneo
    Located at the intersection of via vecchia di Cuneo and via David.
  14. Via Necropoli
    On the right after the underpass that goes down from via Vittorio Veneto to via Rocchiuse.
  15. Tetto Moiola
    At the entrance of Tetto Moiola.
  16. Tetto Lovera
    In the woods near the Tetto.
  17. Tetto Trucco
    At the beginning of the Tetto; built in 1988.
  18. Tetto Tabuna
    Against the wall of a house.

Conditions of visit

The shrines are freely observable at the roadside or in areas of public use.


Additional information


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