Chapel of the Annonciade, Piène-Haute

You can reach Piène-Haute, either from Olivetta San Michele (in Italy, south of Breil), or by an dirt track from Col de Brouis, between Breil and Sospel.

Typology Building

Period XVII

Accessibility No

Visitable No

The presence of the chapel of the Annonciade has been mentioned since 1672.

The single nave chapel has an altar with Baroque altarpiece, which dates from this time or the eighteenth century.

It was extended to the south keeping the altar, on the date mentioned on its door: 1892.

The flat apse choir has two statuary niches on each side. It is covered with a low vault with ridges joining a frame where is located a dove. It is separated from the nave by a double arch on pilasters.

The tomb altar and the altarpiece with twisted columns and broken pediment with cherubs constitute a beautiful ensemble of baroque style which could be anterior or slightly posterior to the events of 1672.

Conditions of visit

The chapel of the Annonciade is on a small hill above RD 193 road, before the entrance of Piène-Haute hamlet.
The chapel is isolated on a small hillock, surrounded by the cemetery, north of the road. To the north lies Vallon du Riou.
Authorized and easy access, nearby parking.


Additional information


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